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Here are some of our most popular courses, broken down into topic categories

Pandemic-related • Law & Ethics • Cultural Diversity • LGBTQIA+ • Therapy/Counseling Methods • Specific Diagnoses • Practice Management • Psychopharmacology & Adjunctive Therapies • Addictive Disorder Treatment • Child & Adolescent Therapy • Academic/Occupational  • Love, Sex, and Couple Therapy 

Please note that these categories include a sampling of some of our courses, and that this section does not include all topics and all courses.  New courses are added regularly. The easiest and fastest to view ALL of our podcast CE course offerings is to check out our podcast, called Light Up The Couch, on any major podcast platform. 

Why is Clearly Clinical the nation's premier CE provider?

  • CONVENIENT: All courses are 1-hour podcast episodes, available on Apple Podcasts, GooglePlay, and many others

  • AFFORDABLE: We are the least expensive unlimited CE option in the country

  • SOCIALLY-RESPONSIBLE: We make ongoing donations to The Trevor Project for LGBT youth suicide prevention, and have also previously donated to Black & Brown Founders, the NAACP’s Legal Defense Fund, Black Women’s Blueprint, Feeding America, and The Center for Reproductive Rights.

  • WOMEN-OWNED: We are founded and run by Elizabeth Irias, LMFT

  • DIVERSE: We feature women and presenters/interviewees from other historically-marginalized communities

Quick Note: Are you confused about the difference between a Continuing Education Unit (CEU) and a Continuing Education (CE) Credit Hour?  Visit our Frequently Asked Questions page for clarification!