Creating an Ethical, Impactful Presence Outside the Therapy Room, from Books to Social Media to Podcasting

Dr. Joy Harden Bradford, PSY, the prolific host of the Therapy for Black Girls podcast, joins us to share how to effectively and ethically expand beyond the therapy room to impact mental wellness and social justice

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The Science of Suffering and Moving Forward- The Pandemic and Beyond

Learn research about suffering and how to move forward in the wake of chronic suffering, including distress relating to the pandemic, featuring Dr. Daryl Van Tongeren and Sara Showalter Van Tongeren, LCSW.

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Healing Invisible Wounds: Working Through Past Sexual Trauma in Relationships

Dr. Julie Schwartz Gottman shares ways to support couples working through past sexual traumas in one or both/all partners

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Providing Inclusive, Respectful Care to Your Gender Questioning, Transgender, & Nonbinary Clients

From pronouns to signage to handling mis-gendering, this course provides helpful guidance about supporting gender minorities in therapy, featuring Dara Hoffman-Fox, LPC

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When Client/Therapist Values Clash: The Diversity Training EVERY Clinician Needs Right Now

Clarity about how to clinically approach it when client statements are inflammatory and/or offensive to their therapist, featuring Lambers Fisher, LMFT

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Lifting Black Voices: Therapy, Trust, and Racial Trauma

An panel discussion about transgenerational racial trauma and its impact on therapeutic trust, featuring Dr. Tiffany Crayton, LPC-S, La Shanda Sugg, LPC, and L.J. Lumpkin, LMFT

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